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Galveston Bay’s oldest centerboard sailing club invites you to rediscover the joys of sailing!  The Seabrook Sailing Club (SSC) has been the destination on the Bay for Houston area sailors since 1934, with fleets for all ages and experience including Catamarans, Lasers, Sunfish, Optimists and Windsurfers. We offer regular social sail events, racing, organized junior sailing, social activities, plus sail and windsurf training.  
Come down to the Bay and visit our family oriented co-op club with new clubhouse, mast-up storage, and easy bay access.  You'll soon discover why the Seabrook Sailing Club is the place to sail and socialize on Galveston Bay.
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Chili Cook Off

October tbd 4PM
May the best chili win! Come off the water and vote for your favorite chili.
Lead Organizer – Mary Ot


Fall Dingy Fest

2017 Galveston Bay Fall Dinghy Fest One-Day Regatta

Join Seabrook Sailing Club for the 2017 Galveston Bay Fall Dinghy Fest
The one-day regatta is open to all small boats. Racing is on Saturday, October 21. Three boats make a class. Expected classes include: Aero, Sunfish, Lasers, V-15’s, Windsurfers, Catamarans, and Portsmouth.


2017 Race Schedule

Fall Series
Competitors' Meeting 1300 hours
Race Day 1                         August 26, 2017
Long Distance Race         September 2, 2017


2017 SSC Commodore's Banquet


Photos can be found by pressing here.

Wednesday Night Races

I know the weather looks iffy and it has been raining a lot lately but everyone needs to make an effort to come down. We need a big bash this season before it's over. I have to go back to work Thursday. I need to squeeze out every last minute of summer right up through Wednesday night. We also have a special guest showing up from Louisiana, Tony C. He has been following our exploits online. He hasn't met me in person yet so he may believe my self professed heroics. If he can make the trip from LA You can make the trip to Seabrook.
Plus, the weather at SSC somehow turns out good on Wednesday nights no matter what it has been doing all day in town. I will also provide FREE BEER! So make the trip down This week to the Wednesday Night Windsurfing Races. We always have fun. 
Last week we had Barbara competing in Sweden so she gets a pass. Where were the rest of you? It had been storming some last week but as usual, it cleared for the evening races. Unfortunately, we only had three racers. Hauk showed up with his newly repaired centerboard gasket. It was stiff to get through at first but once on the water it loosened up and was easier to use. Hauk did well for being out of practice. Joe and Rene were the other competitors. I ran the races with Peter and Dave. 
The first race was out to 6, up to 8, and back. We specifically wanted them to run the channel because the tide was going out and the wind was creating this wild looking chop in the channel. It looked like waves crashing on a reef. So naturally we wanted to see what windsurfers sailing on it would look like. I'm sure they didn't mind. The wind was kind of weird last week blowing more from the north so we made the first race start crossing north and then turning out to six. Joe made it across the line first to lead the pack. They tacked their way up to 6. Hauk seemed to be going way out. I'm sure he was just trying to get back into race form. They made their way down the channel. Joe was leading the whole way. Rene had decided to go the far side of the channel to avoid the friendly chop. Hauk was not far behind. They all survived the channel and made their way back to the finish line.
The second race was over to Hell's Gate and back twice. We decided to have a downwind start. They all did well not getting blown over early. Rene said something about his boom being set at the height of a small child. Evidently it slipped. He will do anything not to be sent to Hell's Gate. Joe and Hauk did well as they made two circuits around the course. Rene, not so much. 
The third race was to pick the nearest crab trap (racers' choice) and back twice. Start however you choose. This was a free for all. The racers could start upwind or downwind. So if you were over early you just reverse direction and say you were starting the other way. Hauk was off to a great start. He went to nearby trap. Joe, not far behind, went to a different nearby crab trap. On the first lap Hauk had the lead. Joe started closing the distance but Hauk was able to keep the win. 
Here are the Kona Results:
1st Joe M (blue sail)
2nd Hauk W (green sail)
3rd Rene B (green sail)
So, make plans to show up this week for the Wednesday Night Windsurfing Races 8-9-17. There will be plenty of free beer and good times. I hope to see you there.
Tom the Windsurfer Dude

2017 Work Party Dates

Spring Work PartySaturday, March 4, 2017, 8 AM 

Fall Work Party - Saturday, November 4, 2017, 8 AM