2020 SSC Commodore's Banquet

 By Tim Barkley SSC Secretary

Saturday, January the 18th was the annual SSC Commodore’s Banquet held at Lakewood Yacht Club. The 70+ attendees enjoyed an evening of cocktails, buffet dinner, and dancing. The annual Banquet also serves as a General Membership Meeting at which members vote on SSC Board of Governors nominees. You will find the election results below. In addition to board voting, the club also presents annual awards and sailing trophies at the Banquet, you can find this year’s recipients also listed below. Special thanks go out to Lynne Scott, who was the lead organizer for the Banquet and Commodore Ty Geiger who served as the evening’s MC.

Photos of the event can be viewed by pressing here.  Many thanks to Chris Kuhlman for taking the pictures.

2020 Board of Governors Elections
All candidates were elected unanimously.
Commodore – Steve Smith
Secretary – Tim Barkley (extending)
Social Governor – Lynne Scott (Interim)
Piers & Harbor Governor – Samuel Voorhees (extending)
Grounds Governor – Roger Frakes
*House Governor – Ted Hamilton (mid-term)

Nominating Committee Chair – Peter O’Connor
2020 Seabrook Sailing Club Board of Governors
Commodore – Steve Smith
Vice Commodore – Dan Currie
Treasurer – Joe Birkofer
Secretary – Tim Barkley
Grounds – Roger Frakes
House – Ted Hamilton
Piers & Harbor – Samuel Voorhees
Race – Susan Caradec
Social – Lynne Scott (Interim)
Youth – Andrew Dennis
Past Commodore – Ty Geiger
As always, you may contact any of your board members using the “Club Contacts” tab on the SSC website.
Annual Awards
2019 Mainstay Award
Chris Kuhlman

2019 Kennedy Award
Vic Sanders
2019 Tacconelly Memorial Award
David Ryden
2019 Uljon/McKay Memorial
SSC Champion
Siri Harris-Ryden
2019 Sailing Trophies
2019 Spring Series
Sunfish –
First Place – Peter Hansen
Second Place – Amy Harris
Laser –
First Place – David Morgan
Second Place – Karel Wagner
Third Place – David Ryden
2019 Summer Series
Sunfish –
First Place – Amy Harris
Second Place – Paul Caradec

Laser –
First Place – Dave Ryden
Second Place – David Morgan
Third Place – Karel Wagner
2019 Fall Series
Sunfish –
First Place – Amy Harris
Second Place – Paul Caradec
Laser –
First Place – Raleigh Christman
Second Place – Rebekka Urbina
Third Place - Jeff Beckwith
Vanguard 15 –
First Place – Siri Harris-Ryden
2019 Long Distance Race Winner
Guillermo Garcia-Manero